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Welcome to this online clinic where Angelica will talk theory and teach students with the theme: 


Different ways to work from the ground.
What do we need to start our gymnastics? 

What are the different positions we can work from?
How do we decide what our horse needs?


In 14 live lessons, and 2 theory sessions you will join the participants on their journey. 

We will see work from all positions, in hand, groundwork, lunging and long reining. 

Angelica focuses a lot on small movements and the positions of the human in her teaching and strong basics.

Building up behavior with the help of the environment and training ”eye” and ”feel” for movement. 

We will see a lot of gymnastics and side movements and some build up with younger horses.



The day starts 09:00 CET Stockholm (Central European Time) with a theory lesson:

Different ways to work from the ground.


(a list with a presentation of the horses and theirs humans will be mailed out the week before the course).


13:30-14:30 LUNCH


14:30: Theory

15.30-18:00 LESSONS

Get your tickets now.


-If you’re on the mail list 60 EUR

-All others 69 EUR 


After 2nd of JUNE:

79 EUR for all.

Online Clinic: Working from the ground

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