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Training in small study groups with students on different levels, working on their individual plans (first meeting will be assessing and making a plan). You will see training on different levels and with different types of horses and riders.

This plan offers 2 individual lessons a month, one lecture or a longer Q&A, and access to your fellow students training via private Facebook-group.


-live (via Zoom, your lession is recorded).

-share  recorded material and discuss it live  (via Zoom, your lesson is recorded)


-or have a voice-over recordning over your recorded material (uploaded in group).

A live lesson is 45-50 minutes (whether we discuss your movie or I teach you live).

If you want voice over:
record pieces of your training you want me to look at arounf 15-20 minutes (upload on You Tube an post the link in our group). I record your lesson and post it in the group. 

Depending on your needs we can combine all different ways of working on different lessons. You will have accsess to everyones videos in the group and I really encourage you take time to watch and learn from each other. Usually this is so helpful and it's a fun way of meeting more reward based horse and riders.

If you have questions: mail me on


After you bought this product Ill send you a scheduling link. Most of the teaching will happen on Tuesdays and Wedneysdays but individual differens might occur depending on your needs. The program will match our time zones.

STUDY GROUP for existing students

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