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Balance and connection

Helping riders help their horse to become more balance, have higher body awareness and to find joy in movement, using reward based training techniques.


From systematic gymnastic exercises on the ground to those in the saddle. Together with a horse who wants to train as much as you do. All training should aim to help the horse become better at being a horse.


Systematic education

New ways of working needs new tools. Angelica has created a whole system for building up your aids and exercises from the ground to the saddle.  From trail riding to dressage, using positive reinforcement pedagogies.

Here you'll find a range of educational opportunities to achieve this, including online courses, live clinics, extended programs, and study groups. 


Finding deeper levels of connection is the topic for the winter.

One with the focus on the rider, one with focus on our horse's.

Come join. Gonna be so much fun!


4th of  December

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This course will run in March 2024! 

Read about School halt HERE



Wanna know more about my work?

I share a lot of it on my social media channels as well as on my podcast. Welcome over!

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Words from clients


Pause-training has helped my horse Sickan to relax and enjoy our training more. 

She struggled a lot with her left hind leg when we started to train. Our gymnastic has helped her find her balance and build up her to become more straight.


I love Angelicas skill in freeshaping, antecedent arrangements and creating beautiful training loops.


Training with Angelica helped me letting my ponies own the behaviours and they all have become true happy athletes.

Unique training method, step by step, with the horse's best in focus.

For anyone who wants that dream relationship with their horse and train dressage at all levels, from basic to high school

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