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At the Core

Posture, alignment and gymnastics.

Stability and mobility training for the reward based horse.

Exercises to support your horse training from the ground in

halt and movement. Understand the role of posture and alignment in horse training. Improve your observation skills, start to assess your horse’s movements. Practice your eye for movement. Biomechanics and movements. Gymnastic exercises for the reward based horse. Build body awareness with positive reinforcement techniques.

Rider: Improve your timing and mechanics and understanding

for movement, set up structure and work flow.


Horse: Improve your horses symmetry, body

awareness and stability.


What will we talk about?


The theory will present basic thoughts and concepts about straightness. How to identify crookedness and what we can do to improve our observation skills. The value of alignment and how flexion and bend influence our horses.


We will brake down the components of good posture and talk about how, why and what to be careful about.

The practical part will give you tools to assess yout horse physical balance. Present both exercises and feeding techniques to gently gymnasticize horses in order to improve their balance, suppleness and strength from the ground. 

This is a course to physically prepare your horse for riding and/or build your horse up from the ground.

Progress over perfection-4.png

  • Train your eye

  • Conformation & Posture

  • Crooked-Straight

  • Alignment

  • Flexion & Bend

  • Gymnastic Exercises

  • Feeding Techniques

  • Relaxation

  • Movement Cycles

  • Rhythm

What do you need to participate with a horse?


A healthy horse with a parking and/or mat stand that knows how to follow a target and has a walk/halt on cue. Calm with food reinforcers, happy to take a pause.

A mat, a hand held target and a variety of food reinforcers. Somewhere to work (arena, paddock etc).


A smart phone to film with and a YT account where to upload video. All feedback will be delivered via a private FB group open only to the participants with horses. You will receive feedback on your own movies and learn from the other participants feedback.

We start where you’re at which makes for some variations of the exercises. Possibilities for live teaching via Zoom.

This course is intense. To get the most out of it you should put of time so you can train with your horse during the course period.

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