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-Small movements that makes big improvements.

This online course is all about working in halt from the ground.

We will work with improving our horse's body awareness and balance. Dive in to details and look at how your horse use

their different body parts in different exercises. 

This is a practical course with loads of feedback. We'll do exercises that will improve all your other work in


The work in halt will train your eye for small

details and improve your feel. From a strong foundation

of parking we will explore small movements together with

your horse.

gym for horses
Halt Carousels-3.png

Work in halt

topline balance

What will we work with?

-building better body awareness

-finding balance in different directions

-flexion at the poll and bend

-horisontal and diagonal balance

-building stabilizers

-front end balance

-weight shifts

The work in halt helps us with:

-becoming clearer guides for our horses

-educate our eyes

-improve our "feel"

-plan our sessions

-improve our own body awareness

When is it?

This course starts 15 of March and ends on April 1st. 

When you buy the course you will get an email with the course info in a downloadable PDF.

In the beginning March you will get an invite (via mail) to the Facebook group where you'll find theory lessons and the first exercises we will work with.

Halt Carousels-4.png

Who can join?

Places are limited to keep a private atmosphere and to make room for the the feedback. Students and mail subscribers have a discount. Contact Angelica if you missed it.


A sound horse or pony, calm around food.

You don't need to be able to do any fancy stuff but since we will work with a lot of details you need a solid understanding for parking and standing on a mat. If you want to work in liberty or in tack depends on what you want to focus on. 

We will adapt all exercises to you and your horse but ultimately your horse will be the one setting the pace.


Some mats (at least 2, great if they are of different thickness), a hand held target and a variety of food reinforcers.

Somewhere to work (arena, paddock, stable etc).


A smart phone or video cam to film with and a YouTube account where to upload video.

A Facebook account. All feedback will be delivered via a private FB group.




At the heart of this course is the practical work you'll do together with your horse. All feedback is uploaded in a private Facebook group. You will have access to the group for 2 months after the course is done.

You can get personalized feedback on your work every weekday. And follow your course mates' progress and feedback as well. You are a part of the learning experience for the other participants so it is important that you actually have time to train.

This will give you a broad picture of the work in halt and how we can adapt it to the needs of different horses.

You can only join as an active participant.


We start where you’re at which makes for variations of the exercises and the progress. We are not looking for perfection but how to best help our horse and evolve as trainers. Each horse will do the exercises a bit different and that is as it should be.

I am so excited to finally launch this course and I can't wait to teach it.

weight shift backwards by a horse

What's included?

  • A good view of the of halt work done with different  horses.

  • Theory lessons about important elements and  concepts.

  • Exercises to do with your horse on different levels.

  • Feedback on your work every weekday (I'll do voice  over on your video material).

  •  Q & A:s via Zoom (I'll adapt to most time zones but  no matter: you will get your questions answered). 

  • Access to your fellow students feedback to learn from.



You can pay in three ways. 

Direct via Stripe or PayPal. In installments via Klarna. You choose this at check out. 
If you got a discount code: you apply it in the check out process.


For students of Angelica: 375 EUR

For mail subscribers: 395 EUR

All others: 445 EUR

If you missed tha mail with the codes, check spam folder or contact Angelica via email.


If you want to have a picture of how I work in halt, here's a You Tube link. The school halt is at the end of of our work in halt but I talk about the process in short as well.


I also have one post in my blog about it.

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