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What is schooling in halt? 


We can look upon the halt as a gait of it's own. We have halt, walk, trot and canter. Halt is, in this view, a gait where you can work with flexions, bending and start teaching the aids.


When we advance in our work we can even start thinking about the lateral exercises and start to teach the horse to bend in the joint of the haunches.


Schooling in halt can be done both from the saddle and from the ground in a various numbers of positions. 


The Halt Course Series


These three courses are all under build up (so the links doesn't work yet) and will be launched during 2023. So hang in there if curious or if you're as passionate as me about this work.


Or.....start building on the most important part, your foundation. Welcome back!

Halt work is so much more than crunches or school halt


It's a way to build up our horses, to teach our aids, to train our eye and to educate our feel so we can be better at listening to our horses. 

Once we have a solid foundation we can start introducing our horses to this work. It is super important to keep it short in the beginning: it's a lot more work than we might think. Done well it can help both you and your horse to a higher sense of balance and body awareness.

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