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My horses and my students has been the ones shaping most of my education. I love learning and exploring new ideas and concepts. My roots are however firmly placed in the classical dressage world and most of my time has so far been about translating this work with my new tools.


I believe we need new different skills to shape our horses with positive reinforcement techniques. I am looking for an active learner working with low frustration and high independence. A learner who is as invested as you in their training. This is what I try to teach.


Where I teach:

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About Angelica

Angelica Hesselius is an internationally renowned reward based horse trainer with a background as an instructor in classical dressage with a great passion for Academic Art of Riding. She specializes in positive reinforcement training for balanced movement in groundwork and riding. Developing proprioception, movement and communication through systematic reward-based strategies. She trains horses, teaches students and coaches colleagues all over the world.

She has developed new strategies for creating high precision movements and low frustration from the get-go when working with food reinforcers. Passive and active pauses, independent eating and continuous feeding techniques are some of her signature strategies. 

Angelica has been teaching dressage since 2010 and with an R+ approach since 2016. It is her passion to guide horses and riders towards higher balance. To find both connection and collection together with a horse that loves to train.

She is one of the founders of The Reward Based Horse Academy  A collaboration with dutch horse trainer Do Groen where the focus will be on creating on longer educational programs to build a strong foundation for your reward based training.

Her current projects also include Exploring Nuances together with Eva Bertilsson, with lectures and courses for more advanced horse trainers and behavior geeks curious to explore and expand their training systems. 


Canis (Clicker Instructor), 2020-2021 Joined this education as an AUDITOR

Canis (Clicker Instructor), 2019-2020 Joined this education as an AUDITOR

-Connection Training Coach, 2018

-Squiretest, Member 199 of the Knighthood of Academic Art of Riding, 2018

-Connection Training, Qualifing Instructor Program

-International Educational Program, Hanna Engström, Ekeskogs Riding Academy

Groundworktest, Academic Art of Riding

Ethology 15 hp, Linneuniversitetet, Uppsala Universitet

Rewardbased educational-year, online education  Carolina Thyselius-Fransson

Rewardbased Horsetraining Training (training group) Carolina Thyselius-Fransson
2013- 2018

Longreining for horsetrainers


Traingdays for licenced trainers,  Integrerad Ridkonst


Longreining, Training Group for Piet Bakker


Hooftrimming according to SANCHP, 4 days


Certified Riding Instructor in the Integrated Art of Riding
Diplomerad  Ridlärare  Integrerad Ridkonst


Saddlefitter, via EquiCare. 


Agricultural Science, SLU                        


Sport Horse Care and Grooming , 1 term, Strömsholm           


Diplomerad Hästskötare, Hästnäringens Yrkesnämnd, HYN                    


High School, horsecare, riding and horsedrivning , 1 term Nytorp  -1999


Hoof form orientation, 10 days, Wången                     

Connection Training Coach
Ekeskogs Riding Academy
Drangelska Ridinstitutet
CV education
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