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Build your foundation for dressage in this 5 week long course.

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Service Description

This is an online course and with weekly lectures and Q & A:s (The dates for the lectures/Q&A:s are the "sessions" you see when you book). The lectures will be pre-recorded and discussed in our forum. VIDEOLINK where I talk a bit about the course: Advanced training is a deep knowledge of the basics. Our foundation is our building blocks for more advanced behaviors. With good basic half the jobb is done. You need a good foundation and so does your horse. This course concentrate on establishing this foundation. No matter if your future aim is to work from the ground or from the saddle the foundation is of equal importance. We also need practical skills. And to evolve your practical skills we will choose four relevant foundation behaviors for you and your horse to work with during the course. You video a typical session of 5-10 minutes and Ill give you feeback in this in our FB forum. The goal is to preform your foundation behaviors with fluency, accurate and with low latency. How far we reach during these 5 weeks will depend on where you start and how much time you can put aside to train. Some of these exercises can seem pretty simple but is really an important investment if you want to work with more advanced training. I love what the foundation gives to our horses and Im very passionate about teaching the foundation skills. This is the first steps to balance a horse This course is intensive with weekly practical work interspersed with lectures and LOADS of individual feedback on your film clips from your training. 4 lectures and Q & A every week. Lectures are recorded so you wont miss them and can go back and rewatch them when it suits you. Week 1) Lecture 1+ Q&A. Coaching on our weekly exercise. Week 2) Lecture 2 + Q&A. Coaching on our weekly exercise. Week 3) Lecture 3 + Q&A. Coaching on our weekly exercise. Week 4) Lecture 4 + Q&A. Coaching on our weekly exercise. Week 5) Wrap Up Q&A. Coaching on our weekly exercise. WHO CAN JOIN? This for you who already know what reward based training means and has a horse who is calm and comfortable with food rewards. WHAT DO YOU NEED? A clicker savvy horse, treats, possibilities to train with your horse in liberty and to video 5-7 min every week, a mat (doormat works perfect), nose target (ball on a stick), some cones and something to video with (for example a smart phone), upload the video on YouTube or directly in the FB group.

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855 92 Kovland, Sverige

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