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Build up your groundwork with R+and learn better observation skills.

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Service Description

In this course we use our foundation behaviors to build up the gymnastic exercises with positive reinforcement. We start to look closer at different ways to develop both our horses and our own balance and body awareness. Huge focus on the riders timing and position. In the theory parts we will cover how healthy movements look like. Both from a generalised perspective as well from the perspective of the individual horse. What are the needs of your horse? From this question we work towards straightness. Flexion at the poll, bending and sidemovements is how we get there. To build up this work with positive reinforcement is the main goal with this course. We do lectures every week, they are given live but aslo recorded so you wont miss them and can go back and rewatch them when it suits you (or for those of you in very different time zones). For your practical work: . we will together choose four relevant behaviors for you and your horse to work with during the course. You video a typical  session of 5-10 minutes and Ill give you feeback in this in our FB forum. The goal is to preform your behaviors with fluency, accurate and with low latency. How far we reach during these 6 weeks will depend on where you start and how much time you can put aside to train. Usually we see work on different levels of fluency during the course period which is helpful for everyone. We work in small groups of max 6 people and aim to create a friendly atmosphere where we share our videos and support each others work.  Some of the topics covered (may shift slightly depending on the groups and its needs/wishes): -4 different ways of working from the ground -Why, how, what, where, how much. -Flexion at the poll, bending -Sidemovements -Individual asymmetry -Cues and stimulus control introduction -Movement analysis - Antecedent arrangement and traditional cues

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855 92 Kovland, Sverige

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