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7 days of live teaching!  

-for the experienced horse trainer or coach

Exploring Training & teaching


14-20 Aug, Haneman, 6645 CA Winssen, HOLLAND.

Reward based dressage

Welcome to a week of Exploring Reward Based Training and Teaching
Take your reward based horse training  to the next level in this week-long course with Angelica Hesselius (Reward Based Art Of Riding) and Eva Bertilsson (Carpe Momentum). This course is specifically designed for experienced trainers and coaches wanting to improve their understanding and teaching of reward based horse training in general and gymnastics in particular.


Immerse yourself in reward based horse training, movement analysis and human learning! 
This course week will form a unique experience where we explore the meeting points of reward based horse training, movement analysis, and tools to enhance human learning. You will get to fine tune your observational skills, improve your thinking and your mechanics as a trainer, rider and coach, and immerse yourself in reward based horse training together with others sharing the same passion!

As trainers and instructors, observing and responding adequately to small movements in both horse and the trainer is essential. This is true whether we are working on training session structure and reward deliveries, or engaged in advanced gymnastics with complex aids. Therefore, the bulk of this course is focused on you, the human, furthering your skills in domains such as movement analysis, body awareness, task analysis for various exercises, how to break human skills down into managable pieces, and strategies for teaching them to oneself and others.  ABC analyses, flow charts and TAGteach sessions will be integrated parts of the experience. 


You will also get opportunities to practice with a small group resident horses well versed in reward based training- from a youngster in the early stages in training to an experienced horse well educated in the lateral exercises and nuances thereof. Together with the horses you will get to work on many different aspects of reward based training - from pause strategies, training session structure, feeding techniques and other reinforcement strategies, to work in halt and movement all the way from “calm-forward-straight” to complex cue combinations for nuanced lateral work. 

Who can join?


All photos, unless specified, by: Cindy Vreugdenhil

Whether your aim is to deepen your knowledge, root more firmly into your own practice, begin a path of teaching, or dive deeper into it, this course is for you. We will dive deep into the subjects of the week with loads of practical exercises. To get the most out of this course you should be a well versed reward based horse trainer. If you have questions about the necessary level to attend please contact Angelica

  • You must be over 18 to book a spot on this course. Limited to 16 spots.

  • This course is intense. To get the most out of it you should expect to engage in active learning through discussion, engaging in the practical exercises.

Cost and payment plans

Costs €1650 per person (lunch and "Swedish fika" included).

EARLY BIRD price, until 24th of May: 1450€ 

Reserve your place in the shop with a €175 non refundable deposit (see below).

The remaining sum should be paid in full via invoice from Reward based Art of Riding no later than two months before the course, or you can choose a 6 month payment plan via Pay Pal. Write to Angelica to let us know how you prefer this.


In light of the pandemic we wish to inform you that if the organizers should be forced to cancel the course, payment will of course be refunded in full. Including deposit. In addition, we strongly suggest that you have your own insurance to cover other expenses such as travel or accommodation. 

If a participant would need to cancel their spot due to illness (medical certificate required), payment will be refunded except for the non refundable deposit . To cancel course please send an e-mail Angelica.

What else do you need to know?


We will spend most days in the lovely small farm at our host, Laura. Have lunch in her garden or glass house depending on the weather. The riding arena you see on the picture is our main work spot and in the nearby stables. We will also make use of an indoors facility some of the days, located 10 minutes from this spot. Bring suitable clothes to keep you comfortable and safe around the horse's.

Teaching happens between 9 until around 17 each day, except for day 4 and 5. Day 4 we have an organised social evening and day 5 we start at lunch. Regular brakes for lunch and "Swedish fika".

-Vegan lunch and Swedish fika (tea, coffee, biscuits, snacks) is included in the price.

If you need extras, please bring it. 

-You need to book your accommodation yourself. 

-Please check your insurances: all participation in any and all activities during this week is at your sole risk.

The horses participating consists of a two well educated shetland ponies and one young highland pony with her foundation behaviours in place. The horses will help us show concepts and positions and help train our feel, timing and observation skills.

The main part of the work will however consist of work within the group and with us teachers. "Dry-training" and body awareness exercises is an important part of this week. 


Angelica Hesselius and Eva Bertilsson

About  our teachers:

Angelica and Eva are both internationally renowned trainers in their field. Here they are working together in their joint project Exploring Nuances.

Angelica Hesselius, Reward Based Art of Riding, has a long background in teaching and training classical dressage and academic art of riding. Body awareness for riders to create feel is at the core of her teaching. Angelica specialises in positive reinforcement training for balanced movement in groundwork and riding and has developed new techniques for creating this. Developing proprioception, movement and communication through a systematic reward-based approach.

Eva Bertilsson, Carpe Momentum, is a positive reinforcement trainer and TAGteach faculty with a masters degree in behaviour analysis.  She works as an instructor and consultant in a variety of settings and with various species, helping trainers apply behavioural principles to improve their teaching and empower their learners.  Eva is a board member of the Swedish Association for Behavior Analysis, a faculty member of Clicker Expo. Structuring training sessions is her speciality. 

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